There have been many advancements made in the world of technology. But very few actually come close to really making an impact. Below Jason hope has organized a list of some of the latest advancements that really do merit special attention.



1) Agricultural drones. There have been really coming into the forefront in the last year or so. They have been used primarily by farmers. They are used to help reduce damage to specific crops. These drones also give farmers a chance to increase yields. 8617469718_0a1c2d0c51When it comes to crop damage, this can impact farmers in a big way. When crops get damaged due to weather conditions or other environmental factors, this means a loss of money. Loss of money can be devastating, in so many ways. Using drones has been a way to minimize this. The drones show ways to keep the crops safe and prevent further erosion.

2) Ultra Private Smartphones. These gadgets are for the ultimate Zeitgeist. These newer models have advanced security measures in place. They also have a way of increasing privacy. By doing this, it makes it harder for hackers and other people to get into information. These days, most people use their phones for more then just making phone calls. You have to protect yourself. These phones give you this advantage.

3) There is something known as brain mapping. This has been, at least, ten years in the making. It gives scientists and other medical professionals an insight into a person’s brain. It lets you and them see what is going on. It allows for certain hidden information to be seen. It gives valuable insight into the complexity of how our brains work and why they do what they do.

kojiro-24) Agile robots. This might seem a bit scary to a few of you, at first. They are robots who walk and run, just like humans. They have the ability to navigate through rough roads and uneven pathways. It makes them even more useful for certain rough conditions. They behave like humans do. Are they taking the place of actually humans? No. But they can navigate through certain conditions, giving humans a break. For some situations, it’s not advisable for humans to engage. This is where these robots come into play.

5) Smart Wind and Solar Power. This is a great tool, one that has been making serious advancements over the years. This artificial intelligence allows for more accurate forecast and weather conditions to be forecasted. With this, more renewable energy can be brought forth.

6) 3-Printing. This gives out more advancements in the world of technology and printing alike. It allows for more options. The micro-scale really is a valuable asset.